Reunification and recovery: Practice and theory in the treatment of alienated children

International Conference, Acre Israel - 14-16th June 2022

The International Academy of Practice with Alienated Children will hold its inaugural conference in Acre, Israel in June 2022. This hybrid event will bring together clinicians and researchers from across the world to explore psychological splitting in children whose parents have separated or divorced. More details shortly.

האקדמיה הבינלאומית לתרגול עם ילדים מנוכרים תקיים את כנס הפתיחה שלה בעכו, ישראל ביוני 2022. אירוע היברידי זה יפגיש קלינאים וחוקרים מכל העולם כדי לחקור פיצול פסיכולוגי בילדים שהוריהם נפרדו או התגרשו. פרטים נוספים בקרוב.

Image: Western Galilee College
Image: Western Galilee College

Headline speakers

Barbara Jo Fidler, Ph.D., C.Psych., Acc.FM.

Dr Fidler is a clinical developmental psychologist. She has worked with high conflict separating/divorcing families conducting assessments, professional consultations, expert testimony, mediation, arbitration, therapy and parenting coordination for over 30 years. Dr. Fidler provides training to judges, lawyers and mental health professionals and has presented at numerous conferences. She is co-author of four books: Child Custody Assessments (2008), Challenging Issues in Child Custody Disputes (2008), Best Practice Guide: Responding to Emotional Harm & Parent-Child Contact Problems in High Conflict Separation (2013), and Children Who Resist Post-Separation Parental Contact: A Differential Approach for Legal and Mental Health Professionals (2012).

Benjamin D. Garber, Ph.D.

Dr. Garber is a New Hampshire licensed psychologist, parenting coordinator, expert consultant to family law matters across North America, speaker and author. He is also a former Guardian ad litem. Dr. Garber has advanced degrees in psycholinguistics, developmental and clinical child psychology from the University of Michigan and The Pennsylvania State University. He completed an internship in clinical child and family psychology at the Institute of Living in Hartford, Connecticut. He is co-founder of the Parenting Coordination Association of New Hampshire, winner of the March of Dimes "Distinction in Media Excellence" award, and an acclaimed educator and author in numerous areas of child and family development and family law

Details of more speakers will be available shortly.