‘The alien self is present in all of us, because transient neglect is part of ordinary caregiving; it is pernicious when later experiences of trauma in the family or the peer group force the child to dissociate from pain by using the alien self to identify with the aggressor. Hence, the vacuous self comes to be colonized by the image of the aggressor, and the child comes to experience himself as evil and monstrous.’

Fonagy, P. (2004). Affect regulation, mentalization and the development

of the self. London: Karnac.

Reunification and recovery: Theory and practice in the treatment of alienated children

International Conference, Acre Israel - 14-15th June 2022

The International Academy of Practice with Alienated Children held its inaugural conference in Acre, Israel in June 2022. This hybrid event brought together clinicians and researchers from across the world to explore psychological splitting, harm and abuse in children whose parents have separated or divorced.